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Enter into the World of Possibilities with Swiss Crown Token

We are one of the most pioneered company within the industry since long time. Swiss Crown Token has set benchmarks for Gaming-based platforms that provide high-end results. We have comelong way meeting the expectations with sheer R&D that is considered best investment gaming tokens with higher returns. Users across the globe have significantly found Swiss Crown Token worth for game token value. Our team is constantly working towards improvising experience, providing better value to investors with greater number of trading opportunities and prestigious monetization features involved.

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Security , support & authentic

To make it easier & convenient for everybody to play the game ,utilize the Token , and earn some good profit, We uses a high level of security on our platform to keep its users and their accounts & data protected from possible attacks. In addition, we have technical support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are also accessible via our official social media accounts, where you can message our team for quick support. All messages will be answered within a maximum period of 24 hours. We are available on all top social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram.

Token Sale

Total Supply 25,00,00,000 SWC

  • BURNING:- 20%
  • STAKING:- 20%
  • DEVELOPMENT :- 10%

Swisscrown Use Case


Swiss Crown ecosystem is an all-encompassing hub for the NFT gaming, serving game studios, players, traders...


Blockchain as a Service

Swiss Crown’s BAAS is an easy-to-use platform that simplifies the process of building and managing blockchain-based...



Swiss Crown is creating a platform for NFT communities to connect, share stories, and collaboratively build their history...


DEFI & E-commerce

A SWC token controls Defito Ecosystem. Defi SWC is a decentralized finance (Defi) platform with the goal of providing...


Road Map

  • 2021

    Q4 - 2021

    • Concept, Design & Research
  • 2022

    Q1 - 2022

    • Foreign research Growth projections Team formation.
  • Q2 - 2022

    • Landing page and white paper disclosed Prototype version of the platform released.
  • Q3 - 2022

    • Beta version launch
    • Further front-end and backend development
  • Q4 - 2022

    • Platform improvements
    • Liquidity aggregator setup
  • 2023

    Q1 - 2023

    • Website Launched
    • Game Launched
  • Q2 - 2023

    • SWC Token Created
    • Get Audited
    • P2e Game Release(Beta)
  • Q3 - 2023

    • List On DEX
    • List On CEX
    • P2e Game Release
    • Media Coverage
    • Marketing Campaigns
  • Q4 - 2023

    • SWC Swap
    • Airdrop Campaigns
    • Burn Events
    • Game Implementation
  • 2024

    Q1 - 2024

    • IOS & Android Launch
    • Internal Alpha Test
    • Public Beta Test
    • Enlarge Marketing
  • Q2 - 2024

    • Launch Marketplace
    • Referral Launch
    • Seeking More
    • Business Cooperation


No Hidden Fees

The lack of middlemen and transparency feature of blockchain technology ensures users of Swiss Crown Token will never have to pay hidden fees or unnecessary charges.


Investors and holders of Swiss Crown Token will receive bonuses in various forms, for opening new accounts with our partner institutions and investment and trading.

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